Developments in Construction Industry

The Denver construction industry continues to expand and surprise experts with new stats that most wouldn’t expect. As new visitors and travelers continue to be increasingly more interested in settling down – even if just temporarily – in the Denver metropolitan area, a number of initiatives during the past 1-2 years have sparked interest, showing that Denver means business when it comes to the city’s growth through increased construction:


  • March 2018 has been an important time when it comes to Denver’s construction industry. The Denver construction companies are booming and hiring at a rate that hasn’t been seen in years.  A new restoration project was begun along I-70 in the northern part of the city, as officials plan a $2.35 billion highway expansion project considered to be quite ambitious by most experts.
  • Also during the beginning of this year, the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled against an initiative that would have prevented the construction of additional housing units in the 10 Fort Range counties – which includes Denver, Adams, Bloomfield and Boulder.
  • Colorado has recently climbed up to 8th place in the nation when it comes to the number of private building permits authorized during the past year (more than 23,000). This is an important concern to consider, when you think of the fact that the construction of private real estate properties is used to gauge the growth of cities throughout the United States.