Every year OSHA sets aside one week for the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Deaths caused by falls from elevation are the leading cause of fatalities for construction workers, and these are preventable! To help raise awareness and educate people on fall hazards, Haselden took part in a safety stand-down last Friday in Cheyenne, Wyoming during OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Week.

What’s a Safety Stand-Down?

It’s pretty simple: a safety-stand down is setting aside time to talk with team members about safety with no distractions. Haselden does this on all of our jobsites on a regular basis with our weekly safety meetings and “toolbox talks.” It gives the superintendents and safety managers an opportunity to talk about specific safety topics, and it gives the team members (Haselden and subcontractors) in the field the chance to bring up any safety issues they’ve noticed so they can be addressed.


What Was Different About Friday’s Stand-Down?

Last Friday multiple companies came together to focus on the leading cause of fatalities in construction: falls. Haselden, the Wyoming Construction Safety Alliance, the Cheyenne Roofing Alliance, OSHA, Wyoming OSHA, Wyoming Workers Compensation Safety and Risk, Roofline, WOGISA, ABC Supply, Roof Depot, the OSHA Training Institute (Salt Lake City), Home Depot, and Shur-Sales all participated in the day-long event to educate and train people so they could go back to their jobsites and work safer.

The day included two OSHA #7405 fall hazard classes given in English and one given in Spanish (all free of charge), demonstrations by the 3M fall protection truck, a lunch BBQ, and raffle prizes throughout the day.

How Did We Measure Success?

We had nearly 200 people come through the event! Approximately 90 people received training and credentials for the #7405 OSHA class (20 of those in Spanish). New fall protection technology was demonstrated and many questions and concerns were addressed. We had six vendor/sponsor booths set up with information. The purpose of this event was to disseminate as much information on fall hazards and fall protection to as many people as possible—mission accomplished!

I Got Your 6!

Haselden’s “I Got Your 6” program rewards both our team members and our subcontractors’ team members for catching and correcting behavior and processes that could be done in a safer manner. They are recognized with Safety Bucks which they can redeem for some great merchandise!