Haselden’s Safety & Environmental Health Department strives to keep our team members, customers, and the communities that we work in safe. One of the most critical steps we can take in this path to safe work sites is education and training. Enter Senior Environmental Safety Training Manager Rene Gonzalez. Rene joined Haselden in 2015, his main responsibility being developing and maintaining the constantly evolving curriculum for the team, while also teaching classes in both Spanish and English. Rene recently acquired two new certifications—CET (Certified Environmental Safety & Health Trainer) and ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment)—and we sat down to talk about how those will impact Haselden.

Julie Lougee (JL): Explain the CET certification.

Rene Gonzalez (RG): It’s a globally accepted certification for individuals that have satisfied a certain level of training expertise and is recognized in construction and general industry. It focuses on how adults learn, which is different than how you learn when you’re a child.

JL: Why is this certification important to your work at Haselden?

RG: It affords our department and the courses we teach more credibility. The course taught me how to apply different teaching approaches to engage people who learn in different ways – basically how to be a better instructor. There’s always room for improvement!

JL: Does the CET certification give Haselden an edge?

RG: Definitely! Both as an employer and as employee. It helps make us an employer of choice – people coming to work here can be sure they will receive quality training and know they have the knowledge to stay safe on the job. And customers can count on having better trained teams on their jobs.

JL: Tell me about your ICRA training.

RG: The ICRA training involves the standards and policies that are triggered when performing construction in an occupied healthcare facility. The course provided me with the information that I need to create an ICRA training program for Haselden team members. We’re currently collaborating with superintendents and project managers that have worked on projects in operating healthcare facilities to create a relevant training program for supervisors and craftspeople.


The theory of adult learning.

What Is the CET Certification?

“The CET designation is the premier certification in the environmental, safety, and health profession for demonstrating competency in applied training and education.”

– CET Study Guide

JL: How does this specifically benefit Haselden projects?

RG: Providing hazard awareness training for people who work around sensitive healthcare areas will make it safer both for the people working on the project and the people being treated at the healthcare facility.

JL: Anything else you want to add about Haselden’s safety program?

RG: Haselden is constantly improving our safety program. It’s exciting to be planning the new elements 2018 will bring. I also really appreciate the commitment the company has made to me, personally. Without Haselden sponsoring my certification, I couldn’t have achieved these benchmarks. They’ve not only supported my development as an instructor, but they’ve put a stake in my future.