Whether an education building or a place of worship should be restored or demolishing and rebuilding it from the foundation is a better decision depends on many factors that should be carefully weighed – here are some of the important aspects that Fort Collins contractors and local communities take into consideration:

  • The overall condition of the building – in most cases, renovating a building that is still in use is cheaper than rebuilding and renovation also allows for preserving some building features that hold cultural and aesthetic value. However, renovation is not always an option in the case of buildings that have been long abandoned;
  • The values to be maintained – if the church or school building represents an important heritage and it is a cherished monument that represents traditions for the local community, restoration is usually the better decision. With such buildings, the community is usually willing to contribute with work, donations and helping out in various other ways;
  • Financial aspects – renovation, even large-scale, complex projects, are usually cheaper than erecting a new building. If the new build is intended to be erected in the place of the old one, the overall project price should include the costs related to demolishing the old building.