Questions For concrete contractors construction workers

The law is very strict about entering construction sites and working with Denver concrete equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol and makes it the employer’s responsibility that no employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol enters job sites. The law also makes the site’s owner liable for any accident on the site, therefore the daily testing of everyone involved in the project is essential. The testing should take place every day, before work starts and it should be performed on the entire staff. The contractor’s client also has the right to perform testing, either in the form of random checks or regularly.

Performing alcohol and drug testing on a daily basis might seem difficult to accomplish, but the process has various, very important benefits:

  • Lower accident rates and financial losses – sober employees work more effectively and they pay more attention to their own safety, to the safety of their coworkers as well as to the safety of the entire job site. Regular, mandatory testing is known to reduce absenteeism as well as the number of work accidents, therefore the testing process is essential for completing construction projects safely and by the project deadline;
  • Budget-related aspects – any downtime, any hindrance caused by employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job site costs the construction company dearly, therefore testing is an important measure that makes it easier for the contractor as well as for the client to stay within the allocated budget.