The safety of children outside their home can be a challenge even when they leave the house only to go to school.

The most exposed to accidents, while walking, are children aged 11-12 years; 20% of the number of accidents involving kids occurs on the road to/ back from school. In addition, statistics show that boys are more exposed to accidents than girls are.   At Haselden Construction one of the best Denver contractors, know the importance of safety, and are constantly doing things to help those around us be safe too!

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There are, however, some very important things that parents can do for their children, to avoid accidents on their way to school and in public places.

  1. In order to be as visible as possible in traffic, your child needs a reflective backpack – which should also be ergonomic, to protect his back and the vertebral column.
  2. Find, along with your child, the safest way from home to school or to subways, tram or bus stations. Avoid the busy boulevards and intersections, as well as the deserted areas or those in which there are construction sites.
  3. Explain to your child what the road signs are about and how important it is to observe them. Teach him/ her to always be very careful when crossing a street.
  4. Teach your child not to talk to strangers and not accept gifts from them. Help him memorize the parents’ phone numbers and home address, just in the case that he ever gets lost, or write this information down and have your child wear it permanently, in a pocket.