Construction Safety Is Top Priority

Construction is among the most hazardous areas of employment, but most accidents and injuries that occur on building sites are due to error and can be avoided with the right safety and precautions measures. Here are the types of events that can be prevented with adequate precaution measures:

  • Falls from heights – the falls caused by the usage of unstable surfaces and the failure to use proper protection equipment, such as harnesses and other fall arrest systems, guardrails and safety nets can be prevented implementing the right safety measures and regularly checking that they are observed meticulously;
  • Scaffold collapse – the erection of scaffolding requires attention and it also requires the builders to follow very specific and very strict instructions. To prevent any issues caused by improperly built scaffolding, the structures must all be thoroughly and meticulously checked before being approved for usage;
  • Electric shocks – these issues can also be prevented if workers are provided proper training regarding the safe usage of electric equipment and if the integrity of electric systems used during the construction is regularly checked;
  • Injuries resulting from the improper usage or the faults of construction equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, and cement trucks – all machines used in the construction process must be regularly checked, maintained and repaired and the personnel using them needs to be properly trained in matters of safety.  Although, there is serious safety training from the Denver concrete companies and others, safety needs to remain at the top of everyday work.