Safety Innovations For Denver Contractors Construction Companies

Over time, many construction safety precautions have been put into place or expanded upon to ensure a safer working experience for employees. Many features, such as smart clothing, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and a variety of gadgets are being used to develop improve working conditions. Here a few innovations that are gradually being adopted by construction companies.


Construction Drones and Site Sensors for Supervising

Drone usage has been increasing over the years as a recreational activity for many people. When it comes to construction, they can prove to be a great asset in asserting the construction site, as well as close inspection in difficult to reach areas. Also, during the planning phase, drones can be used to inspect the chosen site and create a detailed plan and renderings of the area that can help with managing the project.


During construction phases, drones can be used to identify safety hazard for workers such as asserting difficult to reach areas before sending a worker to inspect it. To best asses the construction site, sensors are used by Denver contractors to determine working conditions such as the level of noise, site temperature, as well as the level of toxic substances. These sensors can alert the workers of any significant risk and prevent any injuries in advance.


The Use of Machine Learning to Identify Risk Factors

The proper use of Ai can greatly contribute to the safety of a construction site. The data gathered from drones and sensors can be used in such a way to identify patterns and possible construction errors to help prevent accidents. By using artificial intelligence, risk factors can be assessed and resolved.


Wearable Smart Technology

When we think of smart devices, we mostly think of mobile phones and television. Lately, wearables are becoming used in the professional sphere as well. This can greatly contribute to employee communication and safety. Wearables come in the form of vests and hard hats. These apparels can have integrated tracking software to provide the real-time location of each worker as well as monitoring vital signs, skin temperature, as well as heart and respiration rate.


Bionic Suits To Do the Heavy-Lifting

Many of the safety risks are attributed to physical work which can lead to long-term problems for a worker. In 2015, the first bionic suit made an appearance and was aimed at construction workers. Bionic suits can help worker maneuver heavier equipment and complete tasks much quicker which leads to increased productivity and because the suit is doing the heavy lifting, a workers health is not affected.


Some of these innovations are new and not used by the majority, however, as time passes many construction companies are slowly adopting these innovations to help them reduce the risks associated with a project’s development.