Safety is a very important feature of any building and safety for everyone in a school building is a priority that is surely well understood by responsible Denver contractors. Here are some of the safety features that are incorporated in modern school buildings as well as in restored architecture:

  • Building design to eliminate spaces that could be used for self-destructive behavior – drug abuse and other forms of self-harm are a very important issue with every building where there are lots of young people, such as schools. Attention to the aspect characterizes all the phases of the architectural design by eliminating the spaces that could be used for such harmful behavior;
  • Building design to eliminate the risk of bullying – bullying is another very severe issue and also one that is nowadays addressed by the architects working on school building Denver Construction projects. The solution most commonly used is the creation of clear lines and transparent spaces;
  • Access control – in the case of school buildings, controlling who enters and who leaves the premises is very difficult. However, a possible solution is to create buildings with entrances that are easy to see from various points on the premises and to use surveillance cameras.