Keeping a sizable company like Haselden functioning efficiently means having the right people in the right positions. One of those people is JJ Rams who was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

What Does a COO Do?

The role of Chief Operating Officer is one that can have different iterations depending on the company. As COO of Haselden, JJ’s responsibilities will include overseeing business operations soup to nuts, including Human Resources, Business Development, Preconstruction, and Field Operations. By having all these departments under one umbrella, the opportunity increases to enhance the integration, collaboration, and communication efforts within the company. “My new position allows me to really delve into the details of the company operations, which frees up our CEO and President—Byron Haselden—to focus on the culture of the company.” Byron and JJ will work together to guide the Executive Leadership Team in advancing the strategic objectives of the company.

The Guy Behind the Title

JJ has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, and with Haselden for nearly 19. What keeps it interesting for him? “Building projects is extremely rewarding,” said JJ. “Listening to the vision someone has as a developer, school district, or healthcare facility, then working toward that vision in a tangible form … it’s pretty incredible.”

Moving into this role affords JJ more opportunities to positively impact the company and tackle the issues affecting the industry today. “When I started in construction, fax machines were just starting to be used,” JJ said. “Now we’re looking at how artificial intelligence will influence how we build in the future.” Another challenge JJ foresees dealing with is the tremendous demand for training in the industry. But none of these obstacles daunt him. “We’re a very nimble company and we have the best people in the industry. I’m looking forward to working to enhance our strengths as we face market challenges. Making a difference both at Haselden and within the industry is what motivates me.”  

“It’s humbling to leave the legacy of a building, especially those that take care of people or enhance education. It’s rewarding and there’s a permanence to it.”