Masonry WorkSummer will be here soon and there is a to-do list for every owner that includes some necessary maintenance operations to keep the building in optimal shape.

First, if you didn`t do it already, you must check for potential damage after the cold season. Winter may be rough on roofs and other exterior components, therefore it is wise to inspect them and undo the damage. By performing the necessary repairs regularly, you prevent bigger and costlier damage and you increase the lifespan of different building elements and property accessories.

Fix flooring issues in your home and perform a deep cleaning of your carpet, using a low moisture cleaning method, with minimal down time. You might need cleaning, polishing or waxing floor surfaces in your home, depending on the materials they are made from.

Check your HVAC system, because you will surely be grateful for a breath of fresh and cool air during the summer.

Add a fresh coat of paint here and there, if you have indoor or outdoor elements or accessories that look like they have seen better days. A new layer of paint is not just aesthetic but also protective for elements such as roofs, fences, gates etc.  Look to hire one of the many general contractors Fort Collins communities support to help ease the stress.