For the last decade, Haselden has had a symbiotic relationship with colleges and universities as near as Colorado State University to as far away as Texas A&M in the form of our internship program.

This year, we have a staggering 18 interns! They hail from CSU, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Colorado School of Mines, University of Kansas, University of Denver, University of Colorado – Boulder, Texas A&M, University of Wyoming, and University of Nebraska – Omaha. Of those 18, 3 are returning for their second internship!

How Haselden Internships Work

Like most internships in the construction industry, Haselden internships are paid and we provide housing or provide a housing stipend, according to the person’s preference. Where each intern is placed within the company is determined by the needs and budget of individual departments and projects. This summer we have office interns in Safety, On-Call, Preconstruction, VDC, and Concrete, and interns on-site at Eagle Schools, UCHealth Longs Peak, CSU Biology, 155 Steele (aka The Laurel), Hotel Jerome, Aspen Valley Hospital, St. Vrain Elementary, American Academy Lincoln Meadows, Riverview School, and Weld County Schools.

Von Owen is a senior at CSU in the Construction Management program and is interning with our On-Call team. “Being in Haselden’s On-Call Division has been very eye opening. We work in a niche market that is very fast paced. It is a unique environment where we do projects such as building renovations and tenant improvements that have a quick turnover. I am constantly on my toes and there is never a dull moment, especially in the preconstruction phase and working on the business development side of things.”

But a job is more than just the daily workload. We want our interns to really feel like part of Team Haselden, and we plan numerous events throughout their time with us to give them a taste of the Haselden culture, beginning with a welcome dinner and happy hour which is attended by our Executive Leadership Team (ELT). This gives them a chance to hang out with upper management in a relaxed setting and talk about both the company and their career aspirations. The summer is peppered with intern-specific events like the 14’er hike and Top Golf outing to build comradery. They are also encouraged to join in Haselden’s traditional summer festivities like the golf tournament and volunteering at our fundraising clay shoot. The capstone of their time with us is an end of summer group site visit, and individual presentations to a group of Haselden team members, including the ELT. During these presentations, they answer four questions—given to them several weeks ahead of time—related to their time at Haselden. The idea behind this is to not only compel the interns to reflect on their time with us, but also to get honest feedback on our program – what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better. Starting with our internships, Haselden truly strives to be an employer of choice.

What Happens Next

Last year we made four offers to interns, three of which were accepted, and they are all currently enrolled in our CMaP (Construction Management Professional) Program (aka CMaPP). We launched the CMaPP three years ago. For Amanda Napier, Haselden’s Human Resources Generalist, it was one of her first major initiatives for the company. “We wanted a program that allowed men and women that are relatively new to the construction industry to try out the different departments and see what really resonated with them,” Amanda notes. “No matter which one they decide on, in the end, they have a better understanding of all of them, and are more well-rounded than if they had gone straight into one area and stayed there for their entire career.” Currently, our CMaPP has participants rotate through operations, preconstruction, and VDC (virtual design and construction). We are always looking for ways to enhance the program, and may add business development to the mix.

Kristan Debler interned with us last summer as a University of Wyoming student and now works for Haselden full time. “As a past intern with Haselden, the CMaP program is a great way to continue to receive hands on training, in an effective and expansive environment. The CMaP program is incredibly productive for shaping and molding young professionals within Haselden. I believe that by the time I graduate from the program, after acquiring knowledge from multiple departments, I will not only accelerate my learning, but also be able to obtain more wisdom from future experience, thanks to learning the full cycle of a project.”

Right now our CMaPP is a two year cycle, and we have our first official graduating class this summer. “Whether it’s starting an internship with us, a first job out of college, or a change of career, the CMaPP can really help a person decide what they want to do at this company,” stated Amanda. “It helps you pick your path.”