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If we compare 2022 with previous years, we’ll find that Denver has constantly grown in terms of its development and construction projects. New projects were underway even during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021, and while some construction projects have stalled in that time, Denver officials have constantly promoted the growth of the city’s residential and business districts.


This year is rapidly seeing the advent of some of Denver’s largest and most ambitious construction projects. New residential areas are popping up around the outskirts of the city, large campuses and malls are being erected on a regular basis, and renovations in places like 16th Street and the Denver Zoo are rapidly attracting a lot of people from both neighboring cities and from out of state.


Because of these new developments, the number of available industry jobs construction companies in Denver have available are rapidly growing. Entry level construction jobs are available just about everywhere, as are local construction apprenticeships. If you want to start a career in construction, applying for a job in Denver is probably your best choice by far this year, as it will lead you to rapid growth and place at your disposal the resources and expertise of some of the best construction companies and experts in America.