Construction Company Intern Questions

Internships are a great way for future employees to prepare and gather the necessary skills for when working full time at a construction company. A typical interview involves the employer asking questions, however,  interns also have questions of their own to find out whether or not the company they will work with is a good choice for them. Here are some questions that an intern might ask in an interview:


Will I benefit from any training?

Whether an intern is new or experienced in the field of construction, there will always be workers who want to improve or learn new skills. An intern would like to make use of their time being there and learn as much as possible. Some interns will engage more than others and will ask their supervisor a lot of questions during their time there.


Who is the person that I will be working with?

Many times, when internships are being done, interns are pooled together in groups. This makes it a bit harder for them to form any kind of relationship with their mentor or supervisor, however, a group may be able to form a bond with one another and will be able to work on larger and more complex projects together as a team.


How will my performance be evaluated?

Interns are interested in feedback and would often want to know how and who will evaluate their performance. Interns that ask this question are typically the ones that care about the work that they do and is open to any feedback and constructive criticism to improve their skills.


Do you usually hire an intern as full-time employees?

An internship that offers the right training will prepare the intern with the necessary skills required to tackle any task. Many interns are interested in full-time employment once the internship is done and this question will give the intern an idea of the hiring process of the company.  Find out more about construction career with Haselden,