construction jobs in Colorado ask the experts

Public projects are tools for implementing the strategy of the administration and the public authorities in Colorado, using investment resources for a limited period, at local level. The expression of the process of realization/ transposition in practice of the public investment projects and their results is known as public sector works.

When it comes to public sector construction projects, there is a public-private partnership recently signed into law that allows public entities in Colorado to partner with private contractors, in order to do public projects together. Currently, Colorado experts use this opportunity to focus on delivering infrastructure projects.

There is also an infrastructure grant program — Recover Colorado — that will be used for greenways, resiliency projects, hazard mitigation and protecting communities from disasters.

Last year, Colorado also got about $800 million through the federal infrastructure bill for transportation projects carried in the next 5 years. This money will be used for projects in the state`s 10-year plan that include repairing and expanding some decaying and congesting highways as well as repaving thousands of miles of rural road. Public transportation across the state will also get its share of federal money.

All these projects are expected to raise construction jobs in Colorado.