University of Colorado Boulder Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (ECEE) HVAC Renovation

Boulder, Colorado

This project consisted of renovating the existing HVAC system with a focus on replacement of primary system components. Haselden worked closely with CU Facilities Management and the design team to ascertain existing building requirements and proactively plan for future changes to the building spaces before this complex renovation began.

Haselden worked within the operational building to replace the primary components of the HVAC system, including but not limited to the air handlers and energy recovery systems and their associated electrical, piping, pumps, motors, etc. Additional re-work to the building to accommodate the new air handlers included removal of stair sections, floor infilling, and all walls associated with chases through the building.

At a glance

  • OwnerUniversity of Colorado Boulder
  • ArchitectShaffer Baucom Engineering & Consulting
  • Delivery methodCM/GC
  • Project size114,000 SF
  • Construction cost$5.6 million
  • CompletedOctober 2020