University of Colorado Hospital Employee Parking Garage

Aurora, Colorado

This new, high-capacity parking garage provides the UCH campus with additional parking, which is accessed by a pedestrian bridge, three elevators, and five staircases.

Following a detailed analysis between precast and cast-in-place (CIP) garages, UCH choose CIP (post-tensioned) for durability, better lighting, and lower maintenance. Key features of the garage are enclosed stairs to enhance user comfort and minimize maintenance, LED lighting with motion sensors, security cameras, blue phone stations, and electric vehicle-charging stations.

There are three staircases outboard of the parking area that are enclosed by a curtain wall and metal roofing system, and two interior staircases that connect the interior ramps through the top of the building. The top level of these stair systems are also enclosed with storefront and metal roofing systems.

The parking garage’s access is limited by a card reader and parking control gate systems. Once inside the parking garage, activity is monitored by a security camera system monitored by the hospital security staff.

At a glance

  • OwnerUniversity of Colorado Hospital
  • ArchitectHDR, Inc.
  • Delivery methodCM/GC
  • Project size720,000 SF (2,424 parking spaces)
  • Construction cost$29.8 million
  • CompletedFebruary 2013