Although working in an office is relatively easy, not physically difficult (with a few exceptions) and the risk elements are minimal, the occurrence of accidents is not excluded, therefore we can talk about professional risks, just like in the case of other activities. The prevention of these risks is the responsibility of the employer, who must provide a safe working environment and promote efficient labor protection measures.

In order to prevent hazards in the offices, certain aspect must be taken into account: the correct organization of work and tasks, the proper choice of equipment, the proper design of the installations to ensure friendly working conditions, as well as training and informing the employees.

Office equipment such as laptops, keyboards, printers etc. are not considered potential hazards, but auxiliary materials (copier, document destroyer, stapler etc.) can cause accidents. Office accidents can also occur due to the doors, which must be marked at the eye level and protected against breakage; sliding doors must be transparent or have certain parts that allow visibility. Although it is safe to say that the construction companies in Denver are fully trained on safety issues, and ensure buildings are up to code.  It is for the most part up to employees to be aware of the safety guidelines.  The access doors to the stairs must not open directly to the stirs, but towards a passage area that has a width at least equal to that of the doors. The emergency exits must be signaled.