There are many small things a business can do to make a big impact on the environment. One thing Haselden did a few years ago was start using DocuSign. Does using a system like this really make a difference when done by a mid-size regional contractor as opposed to a large national firm? Let’s take a look . . .

What Is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a secure electronic document system that allows us to send contracts and change orders electronically—and get electronic signatures on them. Built-in security measures protect Haselden and our partners, and electronic versus paper means we’re also protecting the environment. In addition to contracts and change orders, we can also use it to track expense reports and lien waivers.

How Much Does It Really Help the Environment?

DocuSign makes it easy to see what kind of an impact using their service is having on our planet. Since June of 2018—that’s less than a year—we’ve sent over 3,300 documents through this system. Our company account shows our environmental savings in terms of wood (pounds), water (gallons), carbon dioxide (pounds), and waste (pounds) with a great graphic. Quantities this large can be a little overwhelming to imagine, so they also put it in more relatable terms: trees (wood), backyard pools (water), cars (carbon dioxide), and dumpsters (waste). Interpreting it like this, Haselden’s use of an electronic document system has already basically built the equivalent of a park!


How Are These Savings Calculated?

According to DocuSign, they figure out these savings for each company based on the specific data from your company’s account and estimating the number of envelopes, number of pages per envelope, and number of recipients per envelope. They also use the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator to make some of the environmental impact estimates.


Part of the Bigger Picture

Using an electronic document system for contracts is just one of the steps we’ve taken at Haselden to cut down on our use of paper. We utilize a paperless project delivery method which facilitates faster and more accurate communication, along with promoting environmental stewardship. We send invitations and announcements electronically whenever possible. Our payroll department has moved to electronic timecards, paystubs, and reports. It all adds up!

Building sustainable projects is a higher visibility way of helping our environment, but the less obvious actions can also have a significant impact!