What do you do when you need a hand rail installed outside your office building? Or one door hung in your warehouse? Maybe you need a small masonry repair on your building exterior. These are all projects that you want done quickly and you need done skillfully. But can you get a reputable general contractor like Haselden to come out and do a job that small? The answer is . . . YES! And our On-Call Division is just the team for your job!

Why On-Call?

Our On-Call Division specializes in smaller, unique, and complicated projects and has the ability to respond quickly. These types of projects are precisely why we started our On-Call Division nearly 10 years ago. We understand that to the end-user, the small jobs are just as important as the big ones—and they’re important to us, too! Our On-Call team of construction professionals is dedicated solely to these projects and is accustomed to working with a sense of urgency, sometimes with very limited information.

Clouded leopard hanging box at Denver Zoo – built by Haselden Construction

Clouded leopard hanging box at Denver Zoo.

For our customers, this means you get an insured, dependable GC to take care of your project quickly while providing superior quality—and one who can service the warranty. For us, it’s a chance to interact with a diverse client base, work in different types of facilities, and be involved with a variety of interesting projects (it’s not every day you get to build a polar bear dig pit or a hanging box for the clouded leopard!). It also allows us to execute our purpose of fulfilling our customers’ needs completely. As an example, we once installed a pull-up bar in a fire station, simply because that’s what the client needed.


Can Haselden build a $114M state-of-the-art hospital in 14 months? Definitely. Can we paint one wall for you at your office? Absolutely. Haselden has the reputation and resources of a large project contractor, and we are ready, willing, and able to help you with your small projects, too!

(Pictured above: left and middle – 1stBank canopy remodel in Lakewood; right – stair rails at Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse)