NREL_South_Table_Mountain_CampusThe infrastructure work completed on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus spanned over five Haselden Construction projects as part of NREL’s 10-Year Master Plan.

Haselden self-performed the excavation for and managed the installation of over 8,000 linear feet of heated and chilled water supply and return piping for the campus loop to service both buildings included in our scope as future expansion. Other facilities include the expansion of the campus water, natural gas, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, security, telecommunication upgrades for 2,500 independent users, and upsized electrical services. The installation of a new campus pedestrian lighting system that functions on timers, photocells, and occupancy sensors, was recognized internationally for its energy efficient application. We constructed new arteries through the campus and to the campus with the addition of a Loop Road around the East Campus that totaled approximately two miles of new paving for roads and sidewalks.

The Ingress Egress roadways and infrastructure project had 1,500 linear feet of concrete retaining walls, 1,200 linear feet of inner duct, over 4,000 linear feet of roadways, 8,400 linear feet of utilities including an arroyo bridge constructed with large box culverts with architectural cast in place concrete. The arroyo was downfall from South Table Mountain and needed to be maintained during construction of bridge at all times to manage erosion control.