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The Aura at Snowmass is Officially Underway!

As we continue our partnership with East West Partners and 4240 Architects to expand the Base Village at Snowmass, we couldn’t be more excited to begin work on this project we have all been envisioning for the past two years. The Aura marks the first expansion out of the heart of the village, sitting directly at the base of the mountain with incredible views on both sides. A hallmark of this...

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Building My Knowledge of Construction

Building My Knowledge of Construction

By Nadine Cetz-Tec My name is Nadine Cetz-Tec and I’m in a program called Girls, Inc. Eureka! STEM. As part of my involvement in Girls, Inc. I had the opportunity to work with a team of women at Haselden Construction to expand my knowledge of all the career...

Getting to Know Haselden: Chuck Mills, MVP

Getting to Know Haselden: Chuck Mills, MVP

As part of our Getting to Know Haselden series, we’re introducing our quarterly MVPs—most valuable players. The team members aren’t chosen by management, they’re chosen by their peers. Every three months, team members at Haselden submit nominations for people that...

Self-Perform Capabilities

Self-performing work to better serve our clients is a concept upon which Haselden was founded. As the decades have rolled on, we have added more areas of discipline to our portfolio, each reflecting the elements that add the most value to project performance. Haselden employs more than 200 craft workers in the Rocky Mountain region, specifically to execute self-perform work for our customers.

Self-performing offers our clients substantial benefits. It allows us to quickly identify and solve challenges, implement action plans as necessary, and significantly reduce or eliminate subcontractor change orders and/or delays. By self-performing essential work, Haselden also maintains better control of the schedule and sets the standard of craftsmanship for the entire construction project.

The requirements of both the project and the client are analyzed on a case-by-case basis to determine which self-perform work would be most beneficial to the project. Certain self-performed services, such as BIM coordination for MEP trades, are nearly always recommended because of their high value to every project.


Elements of work we are able to self-perform include:

  • Erosion Control
  • Infection Control
  • Demolition
  • Saw-Cutting/Core Drilling
  • Earthwork
  • Structural Excavation
  • Site Layout/Surveying
  • Building Concrete
  • Building Flatwork
  • Epoxy Coated Floors
  • Polished Concrete Floors
  • Site Concrete
  • Limited Scope Structural Steel Supply & Install
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Building Masonry
  • Framing & Drywall
  • Rough and Finish Carpentry
  • Casework
  • Thermal Barrier Installation
  • Installation of Doors, Frames, & Hardware
  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • Installation of Specialty Items
Self-Perform: Concrete

Whether your project is using a slab, caissons, foundation columns, or foundation walls, concrete literally lays the foundation for your project. Thirty years ago, Haselden realized that a great way to help ensure our customers’ projects’ success, both financially and from a schedule perspective, was to perform this service for them, ensuring quality, timeliness, and fiscal responsibility. It also sets an example from the very start as to what level of quality and commitment we expect from our subcontractors.

Concrete can be a tricky business – the right mix, the right weather, and the right contractor all have to come together perfectly to make for a successful project. We work hand-in-hand with the subs that install our rebar—as well as sometimes installing it ourselves (we have dedicated rebar installers on staff)—and closely monitor the quality of our pours through continuously evolving systems. As technology and knowledge advances, there is always room to learn and improve, and at Haselden we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that influx of information.

No Limits

While we are a Haselden company, we are not limited to working on Haselden jobs. We’d love to bid on your upcoming project. Our concrete team is 30 people strong and growing! Building concrete or site concrete, the Denver Metro area, mountains, Western Slope, or Wyoming – Haselden is your Rocky Mountain Region concrete company.


We require all team members to have OSHA 10-hour certification, and all supervisors to have OSHA 30-hour certification, as well as take fall protection training and rigging/signaling training. We also offer forklift and leadership training.


Our team uses multiple methods to ensure we turn out a quality project. Our concrete team works closely with our Virtual Design & Construction Department which provides building information models to confirm dimensions on plans and provide clash detection. From checklists and placement tracking to the strong relationships we have with our materials suppliers, we understand that each facet of a project is significant.

Self-Perform: Interiors

Haselden offers many different self-perform trades for interiors which allows us to meet all of your project needs. These trades include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Selective Demolition
  • Framing & Drywall
  • Painting
  • Rough & Finish Carpentry
  • Installation of Doors, Frames, & Hardware
  • Acoustical Ceilings

Our growing team is both diverse and talented, allowing us to take on small to medium-sized interiors jobs as either a stand-alone project or to provide support for another subcontractor.

We pride ourselves on being able to create and maintain strategic partnerships by teaming with other interior subcontractors, enabling us to be flexible in our ability to meet virtually any schedule demands.

Throughout every project we are guided by Haselden’s core values and maintain our focus on safety, quality, relationships, and fulfilling our customers’ needs completely.

Real Estate Development

Over the past 17 years, Haselden has brought proven technical expertise to bear on real estate development, creating a host of carefully considered, thoughtfully managed, and successfully implemented real estate projects. Our experience in development and construction spans the multi-family, Class A office space, hospitality, senior living, healthcare, laboratory, and education markets.

Haselden seeks opportunities to team as core investors and builders on proven enterprises. We maintain a small number of projects so that each receives the direct attention of our principals. Our strategy has resulted in a continuous string of successful projects.

Haselden’s development capabilities include all aspects of deal evaluation, pro-forma development and review, soft and hard cost budgeting, entitlements, design review and evaluation, design team management, construction team management, processing of project invoicing, contingency management, and overall schedule preparation and management. We are also able to provide and source capital. Haselden’s experienced group of development professionals have strong relationships with the city building officials to ensure that entitlements and permitting stay within the schedule parameters of the project.

From conception to execution, Haselden has a proven track record of successful development projects and we continue to focus our resources on growing this aspect of our business through strategic alliances and a disciplined approach to the entire process.

Virtual Design & Construction

At Haselden, our in-house virtual design and construction team creates value for your project through the ability to foresee risk through coordination of systems, 4D simulation, 5D estimates, and constructability reviews. Our process includes developing a virtual model using BIM (building information modeling) technologies that allow us to: understand constructability issues; identify and resolve interferences through clash detection; improve building quality; and plan and sequence construction efficiently. This enables us to reduce requests for information (RFIs), reduce field change orders and their resulting cost and schedule impacts, and ultimately enhance construction processes.

Haselden’s VDC department is fully adept at using the most current technology in the marketplace and strives to understand workflows and processes for the lifecycle of a project in order to provide the most value to the project team. In essence, we become managers of the building information models, collecting models from design teams, subcontractors, fabricators, and specialty trades, some of which include concrete, steel, MEP, fire protection, and millwork, to ensure all plans come together cohesively. We then import model data into robotic layout equipment, allowing us to increase productivity in the field, enhance quality of installation, and ensure the precise and well-coordinated information in the model is transferred to the final product in the field. Additionally, Haselden has a full-time self-perform concrete team who prepares 3D shop drawings, lift drawings, and formwork drawings, as well as coordinates all openings and embeds. This enables our self-perform crew to operate as a high-performing team, eliminating waste through BIM technologies, and managing schedule and productivity.

Other VDC / BIM benefits include:

  • Providing second verification of quantities resulting in less waste, more accurate estimates, and immediate identification of quantity changes allowing for faster bid modification
  • Providing early constructability reviews
  • Familiarizing superintendent(s) with the building prior to commencement of construction
  • Acquainting trade partners with our standards and the level of detail we desire from them

Since our inception, Haselden has been committed to minimizing the impacts of our construction on the environment.

Our long-standing presence in the Rocky Mountain region has created a sensitivity to building on sites where construction can have an impact the mature trees, wildlife and water sources making these areas special.

As energy conservation and the impacts of the built environment on our energy resources have become a national priority, Haselden developed extensive expertise in sustainable construction.

Our leadership in sustainable building practices began in 2002 when we completed one of the first LEED®-certified schools in the nation. Since that time, we have become experts in helping clients maximize LEED® points within their project budgets to reach the highest LEED® certification level possible.

Haselden is on the cutting edge of sustainable projects in the states of Colorado and Wyoming and throughout the Western United States. We’re especially proud of our work for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Continuous Improvement

At Haselden, we are passionate about incorporating Lean practices into our everyday work.

The goal is to reduce or remove inefficiencies in work flow — whether that be on our job sites or within our offices.

Using techniques from the Lean Construction Institute’s Last Planner SystemTM (LPS), we engage owner representatives, designers and subcontractors in the development of project schedules that aim to create reliable workflow.

On a typical project, the entire project team collaboratively creates plans for each phase or segment of work, identifying constraints or prerequisites that must be satisfied for work to be completed as planned. Each team member is asked to make commitments — and to keep them — to improve reliability and stability for the good of the project.

Haselden’s experience with using techniques of the LPS has proven that the system exposes inefficiencies in the construction process and helps a team work quickly to make improvements. The system encourages open communication and continuous learning for the benefit of an entire team. By using the LPS, the team develops relationships founded on trust and mutual respect.

A Great Builder
Why does Haselden Construction have a reputation as A Great Builder in Colorado and one of the top employers in Denver, Colorado?

At Haselden Construction, we take great pride in the atmosphere that we have created. We are a family-oriented company that is successful because we are inclusive, a fun place to work, and we listen to feedback from our team members! That has earned us a Top Workplace ranking from The Denver Post four years running. Our team approach is a winning method for providing great service and enriching the lives of our exceptional team members in Colorado (Denver, Fort Collins, and Glenwood Springs) and in Wyoming.

What methods does Haselden use to provide superior construction in Colorado and Wyoming?

Haselden employs techniques such as prefabrication, lean construction, virtual design and construction, and enhanced constructability reviews, as well as a dedicated quality control manager that works with the teams, to ensure projects reach their full potential for success.

What construction markets does Haselden work in?

Our Wyoming and Denver construction projects span a wide variety of markets including: K-12 education facilities, restaurants, hospitality, gaming, healthcare, senior living, higher education, government, office spaces, parking structures, cultural venues, and worship spaces.

Does Haselden work only on large projects?

Although Haselden is known for building large scale projects like ground-up hospitals and hotels, we are also well-versed in smaller projects. Our dedicated On-Call Team specializes in smaller, quick-turnaround projects and understands the unique attention these jobs require.

How does Haselden provide stellar service to clients in two states?

As a general contractor in the Front Range, having our headquarters in the Denver area provides a great home-base for many of our projects. Our projects in the northern region of the state are served from our Fort Collins office, our mountain projects from our office in Glenwood Springs, and our Wyoming projects from our Laramie office.

What are some of the challenges to being a top construction company in Denver?

One of the biggest challenges we face as, do many Colorado construction companies, is finding great team members. We have a superior environment to work in, but the unemployment rate in Colorado is one of the lowest in the nation. In addition, construction in Colorado is strong. So, the demand for construction jobs in Colorado is high. The way we combat this is by making Haselden a great place to work.

How does Haselden Construction show support for the communities it works in?

Haselden has always be very involved in the Denver, Colorado area. In our 45+ years in business as a Denver construction company we have always focused on giving back to the communities where we live and engage as a contractor. Supporting organizations like Homes For Our Troops and Extreme Community Makeover are great examples of our team members coming together to make a difference.

Are you looking for A Great Builder?

We would like to discuss your construction project.