2019 Construction Trends

The trends that have been dominating the construction industry in 2018 are likely to carry over into the next year as well – here are some of the most important ones:

  • The integration of new technology – drones and wearable technology has been around and have been used in other industries for a while, but these advanced solutions are now becoming extensively used for making job site evaluations and actual construction work safer and more efficient as well as for purposes of monitoring progress;
  • Green construction and sustainability – responsible and environment-conscious building processes are also used more extensively these days and they are likely to become the dominant set of methods and technologies in the future. Many research projects in the industry today are geared towards developing new, environment-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and technologies that reduce the quantity of the energy necessary for completing building projects. The general contractors Fort Collins has support the green initiatives to help the environment and help to grow healthy communities. There is increased interest toward sustainable buildings as well – these constructions not only use green building technologies, but are also designed to promote the preservation of the environment with solutions such as rain water re-usage and the harvesting of natural light;
  • Prefabricated construction – also called modular construction, the buildings that are assembled from units pre-manufactured in factories are faster and easier to erect and they are also cheaper, but they offer at least the same stability and durability that owners can benefit from in the case of buildings constructed the conventional way.