Construction Companies Use Of New Construction Tools

The tools that today are common on any construction site, such as handheld power tools, trucks, forklifts and cement mixer trucks were nowhere 100 years ago and the development of new tools to make construction work faster and easier is not slowing down in our time either. Technology is constantly redefining construction best practices – here are some innovative technological and technical solutions that are sought for today:

  • Mobile apps – more and more construction companies in Denver and other major cities use advance mobile solutions for managing construction projects. The mobile apps designed for the purpose integrate lots of processes, from scheduling, document updates, work records, expense reports, requests for information and use intuitive interfaces that facilitate data entry;
  • Robots – they are now efficiently deployed to perform repetitive work, especially for processes that require heavy lifting;
  • Drones – these remotely operated, unmanned, airborne vehicles are small, but strong enough to carry special cameras and other devices to record footages of the job site and to make measurements. The tool is nowadays extensively used for site assessments as well as for preparing progress reports;
  • Wearable technology – many construction companies today use biometrics with the usage of e-textiles, environmental sensors, location trackers, voltage detectors, Wi-Fi, geofencing and lots of other advanced functionalities incorporated in work clothes to make construction work safer and more efficient.