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Mold can be found almost anywhere, it can develop on any surface, provided that the indoor climate allows it. Oxygen-rich environments, with humidity above 70% and temperatures above 15ºC, are ideal for mold development.

In Colorado schools, in the summer, when the air conditioning works, mold can appear around the exhaust holes and ducts in buildings. In winter, when buildings are heated, mold often grows in walls, particularly at the intersection of warm indoor air and cold air from the outside.

In both scenarios, ideal conditions for the development of mold are visible on the inside of the windows. If water vapors condense on their surface, it is a sign of high humidity, and it will happen the same on the walls and other cool object in the room.

Mold remediation in Colorado schools requires the intervention of specialists. First of all, it is very necessary to control the humidity level, and professional dehumidification services are the fastest and most effective option in such situations. The existing mold must be cleaned as well as possible, and the specialists have the best solutions to do this. Last but not least, the building must be evaluated and, if it proves to be necessary, the insulation must be improved, and the old windows and doors must be replaced with better products to improve the quality of the indoor environment.  Look to some of the best construction companies in Denver for any reconstruction that needs to happen.