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Preliminary planning is just as important for the success of your construction project as execution, but in most cases, it is a neglected process. To make sure that your construction project does not have to suffer because of poor planning, here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid:

  • The project scope is not defined properly – every construction project has its share of unexpected events and issues, but without a well-defined scope and deliverables, you will be overwhelmed with those unexpected situations. To avoid that, don’t start the execution phase without having a detailed list with all the project phases, milestones and deadlines including the filling of construction jobs in Colorado projects with licensed contractors;
  • There is no execution plan – starting work without having a detailed, step-by-step execution plan is another recipe for disaster, so make sure to have that plan, too, with all the resources, tasks, processes and priorities elaborated;
  • Failure to prepare for the unexpected – all construction projects are affected by natural hazards as well as by other unforeseen circumstances at least to a small extent. The mistake of not taking them into consideration and not including time to accommodate them when planning your deadlines can be a very costly mistake that you should avoid – after all, adding more rain checks that you need will allow you to finish a project ahead of the final deadline and that will make everyone happy.