Cement Trucks

Concrete is considered a revolutionary material in the construction industry, due to its resistance over time, and it is the product of choice for the many Denver contractors working to make our communities better.

Concrete classification can be done in many ways: the nature of the aggregates, the reinforcement, the casting process, the compaction process etc. Different types of concrete have multiple uses, including:

  • as foundation leveling layers or as support layers for reinforced concrete
  • in simple or reinforced concrete structures, in elements such as foundations and floors
  • in vertical elements, in self-supporting masonry, for belts or plates
  • for the execution of reinforced concrete foundations, flooring, vertical components, such as resistance pillars, but also for the construction of beams, belts and tiles+

Superior types of concrete are used for supporting posts, beams with large openings or large loads, boards, special or usual foundations but suitable for large loads and other elements that require a superior class of concrete, with a high content of cement. These types of concrete are also used for situations where it is necessary to reduce the time of decoupling, to perform special works where the conditions of permeability and resistance to chemical attack are very important.

Concrete can also be used outdoors, for the construction of alleys, road platforms, for hydro technical works such as ponds, tanks, swimming pools, basins. If the concrete is used outdoors, the recipe changes: there are different types and concentration of the cement, additives and reinforcing materials such as fibers or polyethylene flakes.