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Building beautiful places to live.

Whether a senior living community or a high-rise condo, Haselden’s depth of expertise will guide you to a successful project and provide the occupants with a beautiful living space.

Senior Living

Senior living is not what it used to be. Today’s retirees see this part of their life for what it is: a new beginning. These communities are a unique blend of hospitality and healthcare, more akin to a five-star resort and spa than the care facilities of yesterday. Common features include art studios, salons, workout facilities, pools, and restaurant-style dining.

Haselden provided construction services for our first senior living community in 1988. Our significant experience within this specialty market affords new clients the benefit of an in-depth understanding of how to work on both occupied retirement campuses and ground-up projects, combined with the direct understanding of the unique challenges that exist in a multi-purpose facility serving a retirement community.


Haselden’s experience in the residential markets spans for-sale condominiums in both the mountains and urban settings, as well as high-end rental apartments in Cherry Creek.