cultural & worship

Culture & Worship

Building spaces to come together.

Both cultural venues and places of worship provide spaces for people to come together and spend time with family and friends. Whether you’re constructing a new building or remodeling or adding on to an existing one, Haselden can help you build your vision. Because funding for these projects comes from private donations or public financing, it is all the more important to present the correct cost at the earliest possible phase of a project.

Going back to a Parish, committee, or tax payers to ask for additional funds due to an inaccurate initial estimate is difficult and can lead to a lack of trust between the team, having the potential to diminish positive energy. However, it is avoidable. With the right general contractor as part of the team, there will be no significant budget surprises and focus can remain on making a good project great.

Haselden has worked on cultural locales ranging from wildlife exhibits at the Denver Zoo to the textile gallery at the Denver Art Museum to the Performing Arts Center at Regis Jesuit High School. This is a specialty niche we enjoy working in and have amassed a considerable amount of expertise throughout the years, ensuring your project will be successful.

Having completed numerous religious structures, we understand that the construction of a place of worship means much more than simply creating a new space. These spaces provide a sanctuary of hope, love, and comfort to the current parishioners and invite new membership from the community. For these reasons, working with a construction manager that understands serving the growing spiritual, educational, and social needs of its community is imperative.