While many contractors come and go to take advantage of economic boom times in Wyoming, Haselden Wyoming Constructors is there to stay, Division Manager Derek Oliver explains in the upcoming Fall 2015 edition of Design Develop Construct Journal.

Our mission is to fulfill our customers’ needs completely, so we strive to do right by our clients by going above and beyond whenever possible,” he told the journal, which features bold and beautiful images of some of Haselden Wyoming Constructors’ current projects in its home state.

They include two significant projects at the University of Wyoming — which is among the state’s greatest treasures and where Haselden team members are especially proud to serve. The $53 million High Bay Research Facility, designed to study the oil and gas industry, is expected to open in August 2017. A $30 million renovation of the university’s auditorium arena will expand seating capacity and help the University host world-class sporting events and entertainment.