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Since our inception, Haselden has been committed to minimizing the impacts of our construction on the environment.

Our long-standing presence in the Rocky Mountain region has created a sensitivity to building on sites where construction can have an impact the mature trees, wildlife and water sources making these areas special.

As energy conservation and the impacts of the built environment on our energy resources have become a national priority, Haselden developed extensive expertise in sustainable construction.

Our leadership in sustainable building practices began in 2002 when we completed one of the first LEED®-certified schools in the nation. Since that time, we have become experts in helping clients maximize LEED® points within their project budgets to reach the highest LEED® certification level possible.

Haselden is on the cutting edge of sustainable projects in the states of Colorado and Wyoming and throughout the Western United States. We’re especially proud of our work for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Energy (DOE).


Stormwater Management Program

Haselden Construction is a member of the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP), a partnership among a select group of General Contractors and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to improve erosion control and pollution prevention within the construction industry. The CSEP pilot program strives to be a model for the United States, showing what can be done to protect the environment during construction operations and how how those efforts can be measured for future improvement.

In 2008, the Associated General Contractors presented Haselden with the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Award. We voluntarily exceed several of the state’s requirements for stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control. We subject ourselves to monthly, third-party audits to provide continual feedback to the State of Colorado about our efforts to protect the environment while we work.

Other noteworthy projects include: