lean construction

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At Haselden, we are passionate about incorporating Lean practices into our everyday work.

The goal is to reduce or remove inefficiencies in work flow — whether that be on our job sites or within our offices.

Using techniques from the Lean Construction Institute’s Last Planner System™ (LPS), we engage owner representatives, designers and subcontractors in the development of project schedules that aim to create reliable workflow.

On a typical project, the entire project team collaboratively creates plans for each phase or segment of work, identifying constraints or prerequisites that must be satisfied for work to be completed as planned. Each team member is asked to make commitments — and to keep them — to improve reliability and stability for the good of the project.

Haselden’s experience with using techniques of the LPS has proven that the system exposes inefficiencies in the construction process and helps a team work quickly to make improvements. The system encourages open communication and continuous learning for the benefit of an entire team. By using the LPS, the team develops relationships founded on trust and mutual respect.