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Labor shortage in general has become a really hot topic for different industries, including construction and Denver concrete jobs, in this post pandemic era.

In Colorado’s construction industry, employee shortage is not something new. The state has witnessed a skyrocketing growth over the last decade, so there has been a continuous demand for qualified constructors, in recent years. Census data reveal that, between 2010 and 2020, Colorado added more than 700,000 new residents who obviously needed houses, offices, commercial buildings and so on.

But this shortage of qualified construction jobs is also caused by the fact that many workers in this industry are aging, and the new generation doesn’t seem too interested in taking their place. Although there has been significant progress in the construction industry which changed it and made the work much easier and safer, young people still avoid it because they are a part of a culture that prioritizes the university route to the detriment of the professional one, even if it is not suitable for everyone.

Denver contractors are struggling to keep up, and the competition for attracting new qualified workers is very high now. Construction companies try everything, from partnerships with schools and organizing apprenticeship programs to attract young people, to offering bonuses and other extra benefits to existing workers, in order to motivate them to stay.