Incorporating Denver Concrete Work In Modern Office Design

Mixing styles is one of the hottest trends in architecture and interior design – traditional shapes and materials, such as wood, stone and brick can look great when combined with the typical materials used in modern design solutions, such as glass and steel. What is essential in creating a mixed-style environment is balance, so here are a few tips of how to achieve a harmonious design using both types of design:

  • Patterned cement tiles combined with streamlined, minimalist furniture and some rich, colorful accessories – the cement tiles that were so typical of art deco look great with minimalist steel-and-glass furnishing pieces the angular shapes of which can be attractively softened with some fluffy throw blankets in vivid colors and some lush plants;
  • Ornamental accessories for minimalist rooms – if you are a fan of minimalist furnishing, make sure to contrast it with a large mirror in an ornamental frame painted in a rich bronze color or with an elaborate chandelier;
  • Use shiplap on your wall – a wall covered in warm-colored, rustic, overlapping boards works great with geometric shapes and a black and white theme. To perfect the design, choose a large painting in bright colors or window dressing of elaborate drapes.  For exterior design, look to Denver concrete specialists to do stamped concrete.