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A good education center must be driven by vision and ethos, so the role of an education construction is mainly to facilitate this vision.

Many schools – especially old buildings – tend to look pretty much the same, with classrooms, lecture halls, staff spaces etc. However, as we know, one size does not fit all, therefore there are several important things to consider in education construction. We`ll mention only a few of them:

The impact the school is going to have on students and staff

Lack of natural light, cramped spaces and bad acoustics are problems that must be eliminated, because any education center must be uplifting and provide not just great studying conditions, but also a sense of pride for students and staff.

The design stage

The design stage of an education construction is extremely important, because it sets down the vision, based on the school`s functions, the number of students etc., and defines the learning facilities. The design always translates a vision into reality, but it must also have feedback. Feedback is essential, although it is often overlooked, because it can be used to make improvements in the next generation of education construction.


Nowadays sustainability and the impact on the environment are essential in construction, so these aspects must be taken into consideration to ensure a positive impact, from which students and staff will fully benefit.  Find construction careers at