Important Facts About Safety

The issue of construction safety has become increasingly more problematic in recent years as more and more companies have started new construction projects requiring a brand new take on tackling safety concerns. Construction safety is more and more of an issue because of that, as an increasingly greater number of workers and technicians are injured or killed as a result of these types of accidents.


Up to 35% of all injuries sustained by construction workers happen because of falls. Falling through floors that have little or no structural integrity, or having to deal with problems such as protruding steel bars and improper scaffold construction, are just a few of the possible concerns that one should look at when considering the risks of falling near a construction site.


When evaluating construction safety, most construction companies also place a great deal of emphasis on electricity and the possible contact that workers have with electric wiring and outlets. New standards for safety are constantly being developed to ensure that there are no future concerns.


Quality safety gear and proper training and vetting of workers are the main methods through which the best construction companies tackle these risks. Also, risk assessment plays a key role here, as each company including the concrete contractors Denver companies hire, has to evaluate the risk that each of their technicians take when they accept a certain job.