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The fungus that causes mold thrives in humid environments, therefore any change in your home that leads to excess moisture in the air might promote the appearance of mold. Here is how any kind of water damage can lead to mold:

  • Burst plumbing pipes – damaged water pipes throughout the house are hard to detect and they can cause insidious damage. If any of your pipes cracks in the wall or starts leaking water inside the wall, the wall will start absorbing the water and transferring moisture to the air in your room, promoting the appearance of mold;
  • Roof leaks – any small crack or hole that appears on the roof will let water penetrate your attic space and from there, the excess moisture will get into your rooms, encouraging the proliferation of mold-causing fungus spores;
  • Condensation – any issue that causes condensation around the home, such as poor-quality insulation or windows that don’t close properly can lead to too much moisture in the air and to the appearance of mold;
  • Flooding – flood water can soak the walls and floors of your home, which might lead to contamination not only with mold, but with other substances that come with the flood water and are potentially dangerous to health.

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