Tips On How To Protect A Construction Site

Whether they are occupied or not, construction sites are exposed to the elements and must be protected from severe weather that may wash, erode or blow away things, causing damage and losses.

These scenarios cannot be 100% avoided, because nature is too powerful, but a construction site can still be protected, and having a proactive attitude about it will reduce losses significantly.

It is all about planning and preventative action and the entire construction management team must be involved to understand and identify weather-related hazard risks and implement efficient emergency plans.

First, someone must be assigned to monitor weather conditions and provide up to date reports. The effects of high winds can be addressed by properly storing and securing lose equipment and construction materials. Cranes and other machineries must not be operated if the weather is not favorable; they must be stored according to manufacturer guidelines, to ensure adequate protection.

In case of heavy rainfall and floods, the drainage system on site must be fully functional, so it must be inspected and maintained regularly by qualified Fort Collins contractors licensed locally. As for winter weather, a construction site may need a contractor to clear all pathways by removing the snow and ice. If necessary, the construction must be stopped until weather allows safe working again.