Construction Projects Company Planning

If you are a contractor looking for a way to secure your income and to make sure you will have plenty of work in the coming year, here are some tips for you:

  • Start planning for the new year before the old year is over – start to check out the projects announced for the following year this fall, that way you will have time to prepare your tender thoroughly;
  • Pay attention to material lead times – when you are planning your projects for next year, don’t forget to allow time for plan review, permitting as well as for material leads. Obtaining permits and documents might take up to 3 months and if you need special materials, the manufacturing will take time, too. The construction industry being a rapidly growing segment, with lots of projects started each day, building material manufacturers might not be able to offer the short lead times they used to offer;
  • Calculate with labor shortage – the dynamism of the segment comes with difficulties in finding the labor force needed for upcoming construction projects, so start recruiting in time to make sure you will have not only the projects to work on in the next year, but also the people to do the work.  Follow the lead of construction companies like who succeed in their construction projects.