Interview Checklist

The construction industry is in continuous change and expansion, with new demands and, with them, new jobs emerging all the time. If you have been flirting with the idea of finding a construction job, but you have no experience in the field, either because you have recently finished school or because you have been pursuing a career in a different industry until now, here are a few tips about how to handle your very first construction industry interview:

  • Find out as much as you can about the interviewer company – one of the questions that come up in any job interview is why you want to work for the interviewer company and what you know about them. Prepare a well-formulated answer – it will impress the interviewer and will tell them you are a responsible person ready to learn new things;
  • Highlight your skills – problem-solving, responsible decision-making and communication skills are very much in demand in construction. Give examples of how you handled difficult issues in the past and showcase your qualities – the right set of soft skills can be just as convincing as years of industry experience.  Get your foot in the door and take on a road construction jobs in Colorado and learn new skills to carry on to more advanced jobs;
  • Prepare your own questions – it is a great way of showing interest and of guiding the conversation.