Time To Winterize

Winter is harsh on any type of building, commercial construction included, so here are a few things that the managers of commercial buildings need to get done before temperatures drop and snow and ice settles in:

  • Maintenance for the heating system – having a safe and functional heating system is essential for your operations during the winter, so get your heating system checked for carbon build-ups, leaks and cracks, get the pressure gauges correctly calibrated, get the burners cleaned and make sure the outdoor or rooftop units are also checked, maintained and repaired if necessary;
  • Maintenance for doors and windows – some heat will inevitably escape when the doors and window on your building are opened, but getting the openings properly maintained will make sure that your building provides optimal protection against cold air and that your operations are as energy efficient as possible;
  • Maintenance for the gutters and the roof – clogged gutters prevent proper drainage and promote the appearance of ice build-ups on and around the roof, so properly cleaning and maintaining the roof as well of the gutter pipes is essential for the safety and integrity of your commercial building;
  • Maintenance for generators and power sources – power outages are not rare in areas where winter is harsh, so make sure the back-up systems that you use for your computers and the back-up generators are all functional and ready to turn on in case there is a power cut in your area.  There are many wonderful construction companies in Denver to work with, that have stood the test of time, and have incorporated new technologies to handle the climate needs of all the seasons.