The destination of a building may change the approach of the construction project, but it requires the same level of professionalism. If you want to build your own clinic for your medical practice, you should first find a Colorado construction company such as Haselden Construction that has the necessary experience and expertise to build medical clinics from foundation to finishes.

The construction of spaces destined for medical use has certain particularities that are mainly related to structure, compartmentalization, materials and finishes. These must be fully functional spaces, where medical personnel work, and patients are treated daily.

Medical clinics – from foundation to finishes

As a process, the stages of building a medical clinic are pretty much the same as those of building a house. However, a medical clinic has a different architectural plan and purpose, which means that there are some details that require the professional approach of a specialized construction company.

Costs and deadlines

The costs for building your clinic depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as on the location, materials, finishes and special requirements. As for completion deadline, they are estimated based on the same factors mentioned above. A detailed estimate of the construction project should clarify all these aspects.

Detailed plans and special elements

The construction of medical clinics may vary depending on their specializations. For example, a dental clinic requires a certain type of compartmentalization and interior design, which is not the same as in the case of a surgery clinic, with operating rooms, patient rooms, emergency rooms, etc.