Unique Construction Industry 2019

The construction industry is in full boom all over the country, but perhaps none of the states has projects so diverse as the Centennial State. Diversity, however, is not the only feature that makes the construction industry unique – here are some more:

  • Development in all regions – the construction business is growing not only in urban areas, such as Denver, but in rural regions as well, giving many opportunities to land one of the construction jobs in Colorado;
  • Development in all segments of the construction industry – the overall growth in the industry is felt in each segment, in residential (single-family as well as multi-family housing), commercial, industrial and institutional construction alike;
  • Sustainability – the trend of using green building solutions has been an important one for quite a few years, with Colorado building companies at the forefront of implementing sustainable construction solutions. The state holds an important position in the field of research, innovation and education as well, with many large companies having research and education projects in place;
  • A welcoming environment – the Colorado building industry is experiencing rapid growth and creates lots of employment opportunities, welcoming those who already have experience in a specific industry area as well as those looking for a way to enter the construction business.