construction industry jobs increase building builders plans

The construction industry in Colorado is constantly growing. This isn’t a secret, and if you look at the number of projects and the amount of money spent on them in the past 5 years, it becomes clear that the growth associated with the industry is not to be taken lightly.


In 2017, the first quarter report for the Colorado Construction Cost Index showed a total investment of about $127 million in 37 different projects. The number of bidders exceeded 140, and the industry continued to grow throughout the year without significant setbacks. Fast forward to 2019, and the industry hit $200 million, while the number of bidders continued to grow. When we look at the data during the pandemic, it’s surprising to note that the industry hasn’t stopped and the money invested didn’t go down at all. While the progress was less impressive, 2022 continues to show additional growth with 1st quarter data showing a bidding total of more than $235 million.


It’s safe to say that, in the past 5 years, the Colorado construction industry has not only survived, but it has prospered quite well. With a strategy for constant growth and an increasing number of investments and manufacturing companies flocking to the area, it’s expected that the projection for upcoming years will be equally positive, if not even more so, and the construction jobs in Colorado are on the increase as well.