Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all segments of the economy, especially in energy- and resource-intensive industries, such as construction. Here are some of the ways for construction companies in Denver to implement eco-friendly strategies:

  • Demolition practices that promote recycling – demolition does not have to mean destruction and many construction companies are already using recycled concrete and structural steel for their projects. This new way to look at taking down buildings offers great cost saving opportunities as well;
  • Using local materials – locally-sourced building materials can reduce overall construction costs, but more importantly, they reduce the carbon footprint of the building process and promote regional and local economies as well;
  • Water recycling – rainwater harvesting and the usage of recycled water can supply at least a part of the water used up for construction projects, allowing construction companies not only to make their processes more sustainable, but also to reduce their costs;
  • Eco-friendly insulation materials – the production of conventional insulation materials require a huge amount of energy and many of these materials contain toxic chemicals. Modern, eco-friendly technologies replace these materials with green insulation, such as recycled cotton or sheep’s wool, which are at least as efficient as conventional insulation, but much cheaper and locally available in most geographic regions.