Construction Planning Stages

What kind of work is involved in raising a building? A lot – and it does not only involve laying the foundation, raising the main structure and adding finishing touches. Before any Denver construction work is done, the planning phase must be completed.


But how much planning is needed for a construction project? Here are the critical steps>


  1. Creating the Project Initiation Documentation (PID)

The PID is the first planning step for any construction project. This document states the general terms of the project: how many people will be involved, how many materials will be used and the total budget for the project. This document is also required by financing institutions when the developer requests a loan for the construction project.


  1. Creating the Technical Plan

The technical plan includes: the architectural design of the building, the timeline of the construction works and detailed presentations of the necessary skills for each role in the project, including subcontractors.


In this phase, the developer puts together the actual action plan for erecting the building. The information in the technical plan will serve as guidelines for each person working on the project. Also, it will be used to check whether the construction team reaches each milestone on the due date.


  1. Gathering the Resources

The last phase of planning involves finding suppliers for materials and hiring the construction team. The developer will make sure that each role is filled and all the necessary materials are available before they give the order to start the construction works.