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The actual construction process in the case of a church building project takes the same amount of time as the construction of any type of building by builders in Colorado, regardless of the building’s scope of usage. However, church building projects usually take longer to complete because public buildings need more permits and approvals that residential construction. Here are some of the major project phases involved:

  • The documents that must be obtained before the first shovel of soil can be turned – the documents needed for starting the actual building phase include a zoning approval, the approval of the architectural review board and of the local planning commission, studies that evaluate requirements related to traffic and civil engineering, a site plan approval, a soils analysis and the building design along with the building permit approval. The approval of the church committee and of the congregation is usually required as well;
  • Funding – depending on the funding method, obtaining the money necessary for the construction also adds to the overall project duration;
  • The expected duration – while the actual church building phase usually takes about 8-10 months, the documentational, permitting and planning phase can prolong the complete duration of the project to 24-36 months.