big building project how long till completion

A large construction project is a lengthy endeavor that can last for about a year if all circumstances are ideal. However, the exact timeframe that you need to calculate with in the case of your specific building project is determined by many factors – here are some:

  • The planning phase – ideally, this phase takes about two months and it involves the selection of the professionals who will work on your construction, from the architects and the designers to the general contractor or the specialized contractors;
  • The design phase – the actual duration of this phase will be determined by how busy your architects and design teams are as well as by the complexity of the permits and authorizations necessary for moving on to the next construction phase, but two months is usually enough to get your blueprints prepared and to get ready to start building;
  • The building phase – this is probably the longest, busiest and most complex phase in any construction project. Expect it to take at least 6-8 months;
  • Project completion – when the building phase is complete, the final part of any construction project is walk-through and inspection, followed by the approval provided by the client and the move-in.  For one of the best in the business look to Haselden Construction of Denver.