concrete foundation work commercial build

Cement foundations are very strong structures that are able to endure a lot. While foundations are certainly built to last, the actual lifespan of your foundation will be determined by many factors. Here are some:

  • The depth of the foundation – in terms of depth, foundations can be categorized as shallow foundations, used for pavements, steps and other structures that are relatively lightweight and where the soil is sufficiently solid, and deep foundations, used where the soil needs reinforcement to safely support the weight of the construction;
  • The strength of the cement – foundations need to be suitable not only for the soil conditions and for the load that they bear, but also for the climate conditions. For buildings in wet climates or in areas frequently affected by flooding or by extremely low temperatures, the cement used in the foundation need to contain special additives for weather resistance and other measures, such as the installation of isolation might also be necessary, otherwise the life of the foundation can become significantly shortened;
  • The reinforcement – most Denver concrete foundations are reinforced with steel rods that have been treated for resistance to corrosion. The rods come in various diameter versions, their thickness being an important factor that determines overall foundation lifespan.