If you have seen large scale construction projects all over the Centennial State and have wondered how the process starts, here are some things that you should know about:

  • Submitting a tender or working with a direct client – large scale construction work can either be assigned to a Colorado construction company after the company has submitted and won a tender, or the construction company can be directly hired by the client. If the company starts work on a project after having won a tender, they already have the guidelines and perhaps even the designs to rely on. If the construction company is contacted by a client directly, the first steps will include the development of the project documentation.
  • Architectural design and permitting – whether these two project components are handled by the construction company or by the client depends entirely on the project. Either way, construction work can start only when the design and all the necessary permits have been obtained.
  • The availability of the resources is guaranteed – another important part of every construction project is to ensure that the necessary workforce is available. If the project requires a special process, the availability of a specialized workforce needs to be ensured

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